Be There.  When You’re Not.

HomePlan NZ are the experts in creating comprehensive and high resolution HomePlan 3D Virtual Walkthroughs, Marketing & Condition Photos and Floor Plans.  You get a Matterport ‘3D Virtual Tour‘…and so much more.  We create a complete, irrefutable, high-resolution digital copy of residential, commercial, hospitality and heritage properties.

It’s fast, affordable and accessible. No specialised software is required.  The results can be shared via a simple URL, or kept private – it’s your choice.

Be it for buying, selling, renting, insuring, building, renovating, marketing, training or simply retaining – contact HomePlan today to create a 3D digital twin of your property.

Review Options & Pricing

What We Do

Creating a HomePlan 3D Walkthrough takes 1-2 hours onsite for the average-sized Kiwi home.

We use the latest tripod-mounted 3D cameras/scanners, moving through the property capturing imagery every few metres.

After processing, the results are securely hosted online by Matterport and provided to you within a few short days.

HomePlan NZ’s unique blend of infrared and laser technology makes us one of the few providers able to produce full interior AND exterior 3D virtual walkthroughs.

3D Virtual Walkthroughs

A HomePlan 3D Walkthrough (or Virtual Tour) is an integrated set of 360° high-resolution photos and 3D data, hosted online.

Basic, comprehensive Marketing and 3D Inspection packages are available to suit your needs and budget. Features such as zoom and the ability to measure can be enabled or disabled.  High quality marketing images, floor plans and architectural files can also be provided.

A standalone 3D walkthrough is perfect way to present a property for rent or for sale, to promote a hospitality venue, to create record for insurance or simply to capture a property for future reference.  It can be integrated into any web site and displayed on popular property web sites such as Trade Me, Real Estate and Homes; or kept private (via an unlisted URL).

Retouched Marketing Photos

We place our 134-megapixel camera at the optimal vantage points in each indoor and outdoor area and capture stunning, high resolution images. We then use Adobe Lightroom to fine-tune the finishing of each photo.

Plus we can also create 360 panoramic photos for you to use on Facebook and other platforms, enticing your audience to engage – for no extra cost.

This offering means you can offset the additional cost of adding the 3D virtual walkthrough, by reducing your traditional photography costs.

Floor Plan Generation

After a HomePlan 3D Walkthrough has been produced, traditional Floor Plans can be generated using the underlying 3D data model.

Simple 2D floor plans, 3D graphical floor plans and site plans can be produced.

The floor plans include room labels and the approximate floor area in square metres, and can be exported in .PDF and .PNG formats.

3D Condition Inspections

A Condition Inspection 3D Walkthrough provides the most complete record of a property’s condition.

In addition to the comprehensive 3D coverage, hard to reach spaces (such as inside the oven) and condition issues are captured in a 2D Image Library and incorporated back into the 3D walkthrough along with the ability to review the issue lists room-by-room.  

A printable Inspection Report is also available (click here for an example).

This service allows landlords, tenants and property managers to have a complete, irrefutable record of condition as part of the initial inspection prior to a tenancy beginning.

Single Web Page Hosting

Our single web page hosting service provides a simple way to combine all of the above into an attractive web page that can include one or multiple 3D walkthroughs, inspection reports, marketing photos, floor plans and a map reference.

No need to remember complicated URLs – one simple, readable URL for all of your digital records produced by HomePlan NZ.

Pages can be public (searchable) or private (unlisted URL) – it’s your choice.

Our Property Digital Record page format allows you to keep track of all your 3D walkthroughs, 2D image library albums and inspection report links in one easy place.  There’s even a Dropbox link to download your files!

And our single hosted web pages are also perfect for making your Airbnb property stand out from the rest, including linking back to the Airbnb site for reservations.

Architectural ‘As Built’ Point Cloud Data Capture

Building or renovating? HomePlan 3D Walkthroughs can not only help to support the design process, ‘as built’ point cloud data files can be provided for upload into architectural CAD software as the basis of, or for comparison to 3D design.

We have the ability to quickly capture Matterport infrared (99% accurate) point cloud data, or more exacting Leica laser (99.9% accurate) point cloud data files to support your project.

Any user can use the 3D walkthrough to measure anything within space in first person, 2D floor plan or 3D dollhouse modes.

HomePlan Customers Include…

“HomePlan NZ has now given us an immense peace of mind with renting our investment property. Scott was great to deal with and the final product is amazing. We will be using them again in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending HomePlan NZ.”

Jessica Sculley, Investment Property Owner

Being able to look through a property and take measurements without physically being there has been invaluable for saving time and working around the busy lives of our tenants.  Scott and the HomePlan team have been consistently awesome – they are quick, professional, and frequently go above and beyond what we ask of them.

I recommend these guys!

Harrison Vaughan, Managing Director of Tommy's Rentals

“The HomePlan virtual tour is absolutely fantastic. We prefer to include the full interior AND exterior of the property. It generated interest, engagement and excitement with potential buyers, allowing them to be fully informed before they contacted us. Thanks HomePlan!”

Celia Barnao, Harcourts Lower Hutt's #1 Agent

“The resolution is so good it will pick up cracks and deficiencies, while providing a sense of realism that you cannot get from a 2D plan or photo.  It’s a game changer for the property industry.”

John Stanley, Registered Valuer & Propery Consultant

“We engaged HomePlan to deliver this and the result was outstanding. It’s truly the next best thing to being in our space. The process was simple, efficient and professional. Thank you!”

James Walshe, The Settlement

“HomePlan recently put together a 3D walk through of our venue, the final product is amazing. They provided great service and were efficient in the scanning process.  A great concept pulled off with ease.”

Scott Benton, The Thistle Inn

“HomePlan has helped prospective marriage couples as well as our engineers who are able to work up their plans to strengthen and improve our hall and Admin Building. We were unaware of how useful this technology would be but it has helped us tremendously and will do so in the future as well – so thank you!”

Rev. Mark Chamberlain, St. Barnabas Anglican Church Fendalton

“HomePlan has allowed us to carefully prepare for strengthening works at our beloved heritage building. The team did a lovely and very thorough job, and were a pleasure to deal with. We’re excited about what we might be able to do with this technology in future.”

Tamara Patten, Heritage New Zealand

“This is entirely mind blowing and incredible. Looks awesome, works perfectly, sounds cool, dense with info, brilliantly executed.”

Sir Richard Taylor, Weta Workshop

“HomePlan NZ’s involvement in our construction project has been invaluable. The quality of the 3D photos is outstanding and allows us to quickly find and investigate any design or construction irregularities, all at your fingertips within seconds.”

Jeff Wilson, Tech-Q Technical Building Services Support

“Having a HomePlan 3D tour meant that during the COVID-19 lock down, we still could run virtual open homes any time of the day or night.  Investors thinking about buying the property said they were able to do a rental assessment without visiting the home.  Our HomePlan has been a no regrets investment.”

Michael & Rachel Machin, Private Property Owners