Getting the Most Out of Your 3D Virtual Tour Experience

Please read the following hints and tips to maximise your enjoyment from your 3D Virtual Tour.

System Requirements

The internet is a big place, but what’s bigger is the number of platforms and browsers out there used to access it!

We recommend a comfy chair, a modern PC with 1920×1080 screen resolution and a stable/strong broadband connection, using the latest Google Chrome browser.  

Tablets, Apple iPad and browsers such as Safari and Edge are also supported.  Mobile devices, especially Apple iPhone  can also be used but may detract from the user experience given their small screen size.

Pay then Start Straight Away

After purchasing your ticket you will be returned to the entry screen.  An email will arrive in your inbox with the ticket token code, for you to copy and paste into this screen at the bottom to start your 3D Virtual Tour.

Be Patient

Sometimes it can take a bit longer than we’d like for the 3D Virtual Tour to load, or there may be a delay when you move from position to position.  There are lots of factors involved, and though we are constantly looking for ways to improve the system’s performance, sometimes just a little patience is needed.

Let the system do it’s thing.  Don’t bombard the system with lots of additional clicks, that will only make it worse.

Learn the Moves

Hidden in the bottom right corner of the 3D Virtual Tour window is a tiny Help link.  Here’s what it tells you.  Have a play with the mouse when you first open your 3D Virtual Tour to get familiar how it works.

If it All Goes Wrong

In the top right corner there is a red “X” button.  Don’t hit this if you’re having problems!

The red “X” is to end your 3D Virtual Tour, which includes ending your ticket.  You don’t want to do that unless you are finished.

Ticket tokens come with a limited number of retries for loss of internet, power and browser issues.  If nothing else has worked, completely close the browser and restart it using the link and token provided via email, same way you started the 3D Virtual Tour originally.

Just keep in mind that once you activate your ticket the first time – the clock’s ticking!  You need to go back in straight away to finish your 3D Virtual Tour before the allowable duration expires.