Encountered an Issue?

If you have not received your email ticket token or receipt, please check your Junk Mail before getting in touch.

If you have issues within the PPV Tour (e.g. unusable performance), close the entire browser window and restart the 3D tour using the ticket code provided via email.  You must do this straight away before the time limit expires.  DO NOT use the PPV close button (red “X”) as this ends your ticket and you will be unable to log in again.

Our platform is dependent on the Matterport platform being available.  You can check the status of Matterport’s platform here.

Email any issues to ppv@homeplan.nz.  Be sure to tell exactly what has happened, what platform and browser you are running, and screenshots if they help.  And don’t forget to include your contact and ticket details.

As we are a intermediary service, unfortunately we do not offer refunds if you are not happy with your 3D virtual tour experience.  We can (at our discretion) offer replacement tickets if you have had a technical problem.  We are also happy to pass on your feedback to the 3D Tour Host about the quality of the 3D virtual tour experience.  You can review all of our Terms & Conditions here.

Open Issues

Ref Title Description
Slow performance in some locations
Some users experience slow load and buffer times. Reported in Lithuania (all platforms) and in UK (mobile/tablet only). If this occurs please be patient, we have allowed additional time on all 3D tours to cater for this. And please report any performance issue you have to us, as we are actively applying region-by-region solutions.
Mobile screen size
Due to varying mobile screen sizes, some icons may not be visible when viewed on a mobile device. We recommend tablet or PC viewing.
Email ticket or receipt not received
Check your Junk Mail and add us to your Safe Sender List.
Full size of You Tube videos
If you attempt to full-size a You Tube video within a PPV tour, and the 'close' warning dialog is still open in the top right corner, the You Tube full screen will not work. To resolve, close the dialog box first.

Some Expected Behaviours

Ref Title Description
Browser Support
We recommend Chrome, Safari and Edge browsers - in that order. Brave is not a supported browser.
Full Screen Mode
Timer counter and Close button will not be not visible when the user selects the Matterport Viewer's Full Screen mode. Same for Full Screen mode of any embedded Video content.
Keyboard Shortcuts
For Matterport experts, the keyboard shortcuts still work. However if you attempt to create a deep link the resulting URL will be a nonsensical URL that does not work if copied.
Matterport URL Links
This platform does not support URL links between, or to specific points within a Matterport 3D tour (including 'Deep Links').
VR & Social Sharing
This platform does not support Matterport Virtual Reality and Social Sharing functions.
3D Tour Audio
Background music and narration may not work on some tablet and mobile devices, due to the security settings on these devices.
Fullscreen on iPhone
iPhone/iOS does not currently support the ability for Matterport 3D tours to go into full screen mode, when the 3D tour is presented within an iFrame. The full screen icon will appear, but will not work on iPhone.