Having a HomePlan 3D virtual walk-through of your property when you buy or sell will help you, in more ways than you might think.

The immediate benefits of including a 3D ‘virtual tour’ as part of your real estate marketing package are pretty obvious. Each HomePlan is glossy, intuitive, high quality, informative, and overall a convenient and fun way to walk through a property from the comfort of your home PC or mobile device. As per our catch phrase – you can Be There…When You’re Not.

Give it a go on the following luxury home example – what an awesome property! And creating a 3D virtual walk-through costs less than you might think.

But there are a lot of other benefits from having a virtual copy of a property in your ‘digital wallet’, for both buyers and sellers.

The Buyer’s Perspective

As a residential real estate buyer, you are in the market to satisfy a set of practical and emotional needs. What area? How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Local schools? Access to transport and shops? Fixer-upper, freshly renovated or brand new? At the outset you will have a set of “non-negotiables” that you won’t budge on…this is, until you find the property that is perfect in every OTHER way.

Emotion can help you make the right choice, or drive you to make the wrong choice – and chances are, you won’t know which until long after you’ve purchased! It’s amazing what we overlook, or more likely, choose not to see, when we’ve already made the emotional commitment to a new property.

Consider this – if you’ve had a conditional offer accepted and are working through your due diligence, and if a 3D walk through wasn’t part of the seller’s marketing package – commission your own HomePlan of the property. This will allow you to:

  1. Spend all the time you need to review the layout and condition, and generally get familiar with what you are buying, without having to go back to the property in person.
  2. Fast track your discussions with your valuer, your finance company and insurer.
  3. Highlight questions or points of interest you want to confirm with your architect, builder and/or building inspector; and in turn back to the seller if anything needs to be addressed prior to going unconditional.
  4. Capture an irrefutable digital record of the condition of the property at the time your offer was accepted, for reference during and after settlement.

Remember, going unconditional on a residential property is one of the few life decisions that commits you to hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. Spending a little to improve your due diligence leading up to this decision is, well, smart.

The Seller’s Perspective

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it helps. Sure, you want to find the “right” buyer – someone who will respect all the sweat equity you have put in and in some way honor the emotional history you have built into the walls. But at the end of the day, the buyer who presents you with the highest price on the best terms will typically win you over.

So, how do you attract credible and motivated buyers? You present yourself as a credible and motivated seller. Show you have nothing to hide, that what you are selling is not only functionally sound – it’s a place that will be emotionally rewarding to own.

High quality and resolution 2D photos are a must. Short video presentations are also extremely good (if produced well). Some agent packages now include your property’s very own web site with targeted online marketing to specific defined audiences.

Before I present the HomePlan options to supplement this – ensure you get and keep your own digital copy of all images and videos! Your property never looks better than when you prepare it for sale. How many times have you wanted to look back, show your friends and family a previous residence you used to own?

This leads us into the benefits of having a HomePlan when selling your property, in addition to the basic 2D imagery:

  1. Increase online engagement with potential buyers.
  2. Have a point of difference in your market campaign.
  3. As a value add, offer it to the buyer to retain ongoing, for their digital wallet – or retain it in yours for future posterity.
  4. As it is for the buyer – have an irrefutable digital record of the condition of the property at the time you accepted their offer, for reference during and after settlement.

But overall as the seller – a 3D walk through gives you an absolute record of where your family lived, grew and developed, accessible any time you want to reminisce.