Health & Safety During Level-2

HomePlan NZ is following the Government’s COVID-19 guidelines and advice, which are available online at

The Delta strain is airborne and highly transmissible, with both the Ministry of Health and WorkSafe evolving their advice regarding how we should maintain the safety of our business operations.   We know that transmission rates within households is very high, and therefore the risk to our staff is also high, given they are at each property for 1-2 hours in the same air space as the occupants.  Thank you for supporting us in maintaining the Health & Safety of our team through adhering to these booking rules.

We have had occasions in the past where we have been assured a property is vacated yet when we arrive, people are there during the booking.  Should this occur under the current settings, our technician will immediately vacate the site and we reserve the right to charge the booking out at the full rate as if it had been completed.

Pre-Appointment Precautions:

Hazard notice: The customer is to advise if the property has been attended or occupied by any person who in the last 14 days has been unwell with COVID-like symptoms, been instructed to self-isolate, or has been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Getting keys: Use of lockboxes preferred.  Keys are to be cleaned down prior to being made available to us.

Preparing the property:  Please have all internal doors open, all confidential information concealed and any mess tidied away.  The general rule is to help us touch as little as possible to do our job.  We will turn the lights on and off.

During the Scan Appointment:

The property is to be vacated at least 30 minutes before we arrive (2+ hours preferred): There is to be no crossover between us, and any owners, tenants or occupants of the property.  It is acceptable for one property agent to meet us onsite to arrange access.  However any occupants of the property must have vacated at least 30 minutes before we arrive to reduce the risk of the airborne spread of the COVID-19 Delta strain.  We work will in with each customer’s contact tracing system and requirements.

Use of PPE: During Level 2 and higher HomePlan technicians will wear disposal gloves while entering, preparing and exiting the property, and when touching any surfaces including door locks, door handles and light switches.  Face masks will be worn at all times.

After the Scan Appointment:

Clean down: All HomePlan equipment is cleaned down between appointments.  Technicians will wash their hands frequently, and when this is not possible between appointments, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Contact tracing: The use of QR Codes at each property is highly preferred.  Customers must be able to supply details of recent attendees of each property including name, date/time and contact details should it be needed for contact tracing.  The same is available from HomePlan, should you need it.