COVID-19 Response

Businesses around the world are urgently turning to 3D virtual walkthroughs / 3D tours as a viable alternative to open homes, property viewings, training courses, insurance risk/claim assessments, progress inspections and public exhibitions.

This helps with social distancing and means less (or no) people onsite, for a shorter duration.  As our slogan says:  Be There, When You’re Not.

Here is what HomePlan NZ is doing to help us all manage through the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Discounted Pricing Package

To ensure what we do is accessible to businesses impacted by COVID-19, HomePlan NZ has temporarily released a “no-frills” 3D Walkthrough package that will get you up and running quickly, from just $299 incl. GST.

For real estate sales, renting and leasing, we suggest using this package on existing property listings to pre-qualify interest.  You can direct your clients to the 3D walkthrough in the first instance and then, if they want to proceed, arrange an individual onsite viewing.  This will mean less congregation with potential clients, less tentative or wasted viewings, and ultimately – help keep your staff and the community safe.

Please refer to our Pricing page for more details.

Health & Safety Measures

HomePlan NZ is following the Government’s COVID-19 guidelines and advice, which are available online at  

Specific measures include:

  • Frequent hand washing, with (at a minimum) alcohol-based hand sanitizer used between all appointments.
  • Business meetings being moved to online video conferencing, such as Zoom or Skype.
  • A requirement for our customers to notify us of any potential COVID-19 hazard when making a booking.
  • Where possible, appointments being performed with no other people present and with a stand-down period if the site has had multiple other people recently attending.
  • Using disposal gloves onsite while interacting with onsite door handles and locks, light switches and the like.
  • Clean-down routines for all HomePlan equipment after each job.
  • Immediate social distancing and heading home following any sign of sickness by a HomePlan Technician, customer or person at a site.
Like you all, we are continually monitoring the situation and the Government’s advice, which may result in future measures being adopted at short notice.

Stay Safe.

As a personal note to our customers and to the community – this is an unprecedented challenge for our generation.  In the last 12 hours alone (@ 21 March 2020, AM), both cases of and deaths from COVID-19 around the globe increased by ~10%.  We agree and fully support the New Zealand Government’s approach, that we need to unite against COVID-19.

We are working extremely hard to get the message out there, as to how HomePlan 3D Walkthroughs can form part of the community’s response to COVID-19.  This is not an attempt to profiteer from or exploit the situation.  We are a family-owned business with parents, siblings, children and grandchildren to protect and support, just like you.  And what we do can, and will help.

It is also possible that in the very near future HomePlan NZ will be directly impacted by COVID-19.  We are one of the largest creators and providers of 3D virtual walkthroughs in New Zealand, with six 3D cameras and unique platforms which together provide the ‘gold standard’ of 3D walkthroughs.  But we also have a limited number of 3D Technicians and should they become ill or need self-isolation, our ability to help will be compromised.

This is another reason why we are imploring companies to act now while our capacity and capability is at full strength.

So please – stay safe, be smart, get support, and prepare for the “new normal” that is to come.
Scott & Lynda MacKenzie, Directors – HomePlan NZ Ltd