A Bright New Feather in HomePlan NZ's Cap

10 March 2020 – Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Back in October 2019 HomePlan NZ Ltd launched its 3D Condition Inspection Service for residential and commercial rental properties. 

This innovative service combines a comprehensive and high-resolution 3D virtual walkthrough, 2D images of hard to see places (e.g. inside the oven and cabinetry), and ‘tagged’ key features and condition issues within.  All of this is delivered within an interactive ‘digital twin‘ 3D walkthrough that can be viewed online, shared or kept private.

The response from local property management firms was amazing.  In a few short months HomePlan NZ has created more than 250 digital twins of rental properties in the Wellington area.  The consistent feedback is that landlords feel more secure having such an absolute and irrefutable digital record of their investment for tenancy and insurance-related matters, creating certainty for all parties involved.

But for some, this new HomePlan NZ service had some gaps.  What if the tenant can’t navigate the 3D walkthrough?  How do I get a simple list of the issues that need to be addressed?  Can’t I just print something out?


Printable HomePlan Inspection Reports Are Here!

Following an exhaustive market search HomePlan NZ has now adopted a proven, flexible and trusted cloud-based platform, used globally to capture inspection results across a wide range of industries.

What does this mean for HomePlan NZ’s customers?  It means they have the option to have their HomePlan 3D Condition Inspection Walkthroughs supplemented with a formal, printable inspection report document available online or in PDF format.  

Plus, for larger customers, the report content and formatting can be tailored to suit their specific needs.  

Check out this example report for a residential investment property in Taita, Lower Hutt.


Enhanced Digital Record Repository

On any indvidual property you can now end up with a range of HomePlan digital assets to keep track of:

  • Marketing 3D Walkthrough (for Trade Me advertising etc)
  • High resolution marketing photos
  • Exported 2D floor plans
  • Condition Inspection 3D walkthroughs
  • Condition Inspection printable reports
  • 2D Image Library albums
  • Exported 3D architectural files 

To help with this, in December 2019 HomePlan NZ began offering a new Property Web Page service.  This provides a private (unlisted) or public (searchable) web page for all this content, for each property.  But…the first release of this was a bit clunky, a little hard to use and very hard to understand.

This has now been addressed by HomePlan NZ’s newly released Property Digital Records repository page format.  The new format allows you to keep track of all your HomePlan digital assets in one easy place.

There’s even a new Dropbox link to bulk-download all your exported files.