Stay safe, work smart.

On Tuesday, 28 April 2020 we moved to COVID-Alert Level-3.

New Zealand’s containment measures are working, though they come at a massive economic and interpersonal cost.  But the health of our families, our friends and our communities is worth it.   We fully support the NZ Government taking as much time as is needed now, to contain COVID-19 and keep it that way until a vaccine is deployed.

Businesses have headed into uncharted territory.  Luckily we have strong guidance from the Government and bodies such as REINZ, but the unfortunate reality is that things we used to do in minutes, will now take hours.  And that has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Save your time for pre-qualified leads.

Pre-qualification is now a critical part of doing business.  We are all used to investing the time to meet with potential customers, as an accepted part of finding the RIGHT customer for each opportunity.  For buyers and tenants, group or back-to-back appointments were a very efficient way of doing this.

Can you afford to spend the amount of time now required to convert potential buyers and tenants, on an individual basis?

There are lots of way to pre-qualify leads: Advance phone discussions, Zoom meetings, FaceTime calls and the like are all valid ways to know if you should set aside your valuable time for a private viewing appointment.

In all cases, the secret to unlocking time efficiencies is letting your potential customers do as much investigation themselves before they take up your time

Why HomePlan?

I will keep the punchline short – HomePlan 3D Walkthroughs are the best way to pre-qualify tenant and buyer interest.  And from the volume of calls we are now getting about our service, you already know this.  But – why use us?

Because we are the experts.  The Matterport or other 3D camera doesn’t generate the quality 3D walkthrough – the operator does.  We do this day in, day out.  We know the technology inside out, and how to use it to best effect.

Because we do it better.  The 3D walkthrough is just the canvas.  We can incorporate photos, videos, URL links, auto-play walkthroughs and other features that improve engagement.  Then we have our high-coverage and condition inspection services, all of which give you more bang for your buck.

Because we can deliver.  We know that capacity, consistency and fast turnaround is important.  That’s why we have multiple indoor and outdoor cameras, a great team and mature processes so you can rely on us.

We offer a premium service that, in comparison to some others, may come at a premium price – no apologies. 🙂