COVID-19 Discounted Pricing

Virtual is the New Normal.

Businesses around the world are urgently turning to 3D virtual walkthroughs / 3D tours as a viable alternative to open homes, property viewings, training courses, insurance risk/claim assessments, progress inspections and public exhibitions.

This helps with social distancing and means less (or no) people onsite, for a shorter duration:  Be There, When You’re Not.

To ensure this is accessible to businesses impacted by COVID-19, HomePlan NZ has temporarily released this basic “no-frills” 3D Walkthrough option that will get you up and running quickly, for just $299 incl. GST.

This pricing applies to interior spaces up to 150m2.  For spaces 151-250m2 please add +$100, with larger and exterior spaces quoted case-by-case.

Please be patient, as bookings of this option receive a lower priority than standard and volume pricing bookings.

Click here for more details about our COVID-19 response.

Regular Pricing

The following pricing applies to interior spaces up to 150m2.  For spaces 151-250m2 please add +$100, with larger spaces quoted case-by-case.  Discounts are available for volume purchasing.  All pricing excludes GST unless otherwise noted.

Marketing 3D Walkthrough

$399 excl. GST
  • Marketing 3D Virtual Walkthrough
  • FREE to add to your Trade Me listing
  • 3D Guided Tour & Highlight Reel
  • Feature Tags
  • Rooms Labels
  • 360° Views of Exterior Spaces
  • Securely Hosted for 3 Months

Condition 3D Walkthrough

$499 excl. GST
  • Inspection 3D Virtual Walkthrough
  • 2D of Ovens, Cupboards, Curtains etc
  • Condition Issue Tags (Grn/Ora/Red)
  • Features Tags
  • Rooms Labels
  • 360° Views of Exterior Spaces
  • Securely Hosted for 6 Months

Optional Add-Ons

Hosting Fees

HomePlan 3D walkthroughs are a hosted service.  Following the expiry of the hosting period included in each package you can extend the hosting by +12 months for just $50.00+GST.  This fee covers up to three HomePlan 3D Walkthroughs for a single property.

Significant discounts are available for customers who host larger numbers of 3D walkthroughs with us, and/or need their 3D walkthroughs hosted for longer time periods.

Volume Discounts

Significant discounts are available to investment property owners and managers who engage HomePlan over multiple properties under an ongoing service agreement. Standard inclusions and pricing can be tailored to your needs.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Custom Projects

We have experience doing HomePlan 3D Walkthroughs of large commercial spaces, construction projects and other ‘different’ spaces (check out this searchable outdoor example!) including spaces up to and over 10,000m2

These  are best priced based on their specific requirements, with a general price guide pf $2-5 per m2.  Please contact us and we would be pleased to provide you with a quote.

Laser Point Cloud Pricing

Please contact us to provide a quote to capture a laser point cloud scan of your property, and provide the raw data files to your architect or engineer to import into their 3D CAD software.