Christ Church, Taita | Lower Hutt, NZ

HomePlan 3D Walkthrough | Captured December 2019

Welcome to this searchable 3D digital twin of the historic Christ Church ~ Taita cemetery, including a virtual tour of the church and grounds.  In this 3D walkthrough you can type in the name of the person you are searching for, and if it matches the site’s database of plots, you will be taken straight to that headstone.

Christ Church ~ Taita, is the oldest church in the Wellington region and one of the oldest in its original condition in New Zealand. It’s also thought to be the oldest complete building in Wellington. Christ Church was built by pioneer families and held its first service on 1 January 1854.  It holds a New Zealand Historic Places Trust category 1 registration.

How to use this HomePlan 3D Walkthrough:

  1. Access the walkthrough by clicking the Explore 3D Space play button, above.
  2. We recommend then switching the walkthrough to full-screen mode.  Do this using the small resize icon in the bottom right corner of the walkthrough window.
  3. The icons in the bottom left allow you to view the site in 3D, 2D (aerial view) or walk in first person.  If in 3D or 2D mode, click where you want to move to, to ensure first person mode.
  4. To search, in the top left corner select plot search.  This brings up a list of all named headstones.  Browse the list or type in the name you are looking for to search for it.
  5. Click on a name to be taken to that plot within the site.

This 3D walkthrough was created by HomePlan NZ Ltd.  Enjoy!