Throw your camera away and streamline how you manage rental properties.

Why spend hours taking, sorting and archiving hundreds of disconnected condition photos?
HomePlan NZ are the experts in creating the most complete digital record of properties.
Our tailored service for property management firms will save you time and money.

24/7 virtual viewings.

Show potential tenants through the property online before arranging in-person viewings.

Integrates with your, & leading property web sites.

Attract motivated & quality tenant enquiries – no more tyre kickers!


Condition inspections.

We record every scratch, dent or imperfection –  or the fact that there are none.

Interactive, high-resolution 3D photographic record, with printable inspection reports.

Measure internal features & spaces from your desktop.

Ongoing access.

Securely hosted online for access by property managers, landlords & tenants.

Instant recall of the features and condition, when managing tenant inspections & maintenance.

Ability to export high resolution 2D images and printable inspection reports.

Check out these examples of a 3-bedroom investment property in Cambridge Terrace.  These demonstrate the difference between a basic 3D walkthrough ‘for rent’, versus the comprehensive condition inspection version.  Give it a go!

Printable Inspection Reports

While a Condition Inspection 3D Walkthrough provides the most complete digital record of a property, some clients also prefer to have a printable list of the inspection observation ‘tags’ contained within.

HomePlan NZ is pleased to now offer a supplementary inspection report document, available online or in PDF format – view this example report.

The report is published via our new Property Digital Record page format which allows you to keep track of all your 3D walkthroughs, 2D image library albums and inspection report links in one easy place.

There’s even a Dropbox link to download your files! Check out this example page.

Other popular Add-Ons include:

  • Exported 2D Floor Plans provided in standard image format
  • High quality, retouched marketing photos
  • Include the exterior as part of the 3D walkthrough (else covered by 3D Views)
Captured in High Resolution.
HomePlan NZ capture the entire property in a high resolution (132MP!) photographic 3D virtual walkthrough, in most cases requiring less than two hours onsite and then available to you within a few short days.
Integrated Photo Library.
Use the HomePlan NZ online photo library to manage and store any additional 2D photos captured by you or us for each property. Perfect for specific areas such as inside the oven, the shower tray, and later photos showing damage or repairs.
Instant Recall of Layouts.
Interactive 2D Floor Plan and 3D Dollhouse views allow you to quickly recall the layout from any angle, then step into any space and continue your 3D photographic walkthrough.
Add Tags & Comments.
Highlight chattels, features and any condition issues using colour-coded tags. Tags can include words, URL links, images and videos all accessible from within the 3D walkthrough.
Export High Resolution Photos.
Need to take an image offline? No problem - zoom in to the angle and perspective you need within the 3D walkthrough, then export it as a standard or 360 image.
Take Measurements.
Measure rooms and feature dimensions with 99% accuracy, from the comfort of your desktop. Put away that old measuring tape!
Include Exterior 360 Views.
Capture high resolution 360 photos of the property's exterior, visible within the 3D walkthrough and able to be exported.
Access from Anywhere, Anytime.
Does not require any specialist software – your team can access all of this anytime, from anywhere and on any device. Share it with tenants, landlords and tradesmen as you see fit – you are in control.

Common Questions:

Most rental properties can be captured for $250 to $450 +GST depending on its size, complexity and your specific requirements.

For 3D walkthroughs that need to stay active/available in the longer term, there is also a small annual hosting fee per 3D walkthrough assessed every February, which we must pass through from the technology platform provider.

Let’s talk – we work in with your existing processes as best we can.

  • Please give us as much notice as you can to allow us to cluster properties in the same area.
  • We can meet the Property Manager onsite, or for vacant properties pick up the keys from you. 
  • We then scan the property using our specialised 3D camera and tripod, while taking 2D photos of other areas of interest.  When finished we lock up behind us.
  • We aim to turn around most 3D walkthroughs within 2-4 days, quicker if it’s urgent.
  • Free training and support is provided.

We sometimes hear “this is an additional cost, and landlords won’t pay for it”.  In our experience there are numerous efficiency benefits unlocked once your team begins using the HomePlan service. Consider the time saved from:

  • having more informed enquiries from prospective tenants
  • reducing the number of ‘in person’ viewings
  • not having to take then manage 200-500 condition photos per property
  • improved management of tenant enquiries from being able to instantly recall the property’s layout, location of the fuse box, etc
  • scoping and guiding tradespeople to perform necessary maintenance, without them having to visit the property first
  • having a complete and irrefutable point of reference to refer back to, to streamline tenancy inspections and (when necessary) submit as part of Tenancy Tribunal hearings

We provide a simple unlisted Property Digital Record Web Page that contains your 3D virtual walkthroughs, floor plans, marketing and condition photos, and the inspection reports for the property.  This shared URL can be accessed using a standard web browser on any modern device or PC with an internet connection.  It can also be stored in your property management system for quick reference.  

We also can provide a Dropbox link so you can download your floor plans, photos and inspection reports.

The HomePlan Image Library is a separate secure portal for the upload and storage of additional static photos of each property, linked into the 3D walkthroughs.

Yes: High resolution 2D static images/photos can be exported from the HomePlan 3D virtual walkthrough and then submitted as supporting evidence.  The advantage is the 3D virtual walkthrough provides the most complete photographic record possible, allowing you to export the exact angle and perspective that you need.

3D walkthroughs have a unchangeable date stamp, recording the date they were created.

You then also have the supplementary Inspection Report documents that may be used alongside the HomePlan 3D virtual walkthrough.

Yes.  Exteriors are captured using high resolution 360 photos that are available within the 3D virtual walkthrough, and can also be exported if needed.  If we are directed to or spot any potential condition issues on the exterior, we can also capture a static photo of them to store in the Image Library for that property.

As an optional extra, we can produce a 3D walkthrough of the entire exterior and section.

You can export as many high resolution images and screenshots as you like, in both 2D and 3D format.  Architectural ‘point cloud’ files, and 2D Concept Floor Plan PDFs can be generated and exported.  Inspection reports can also be exported and downloaded.  You are free to use all of these during and after the hosting period for the associated 3D virtual walkthrough.

A mobile Showcase app is available for collaboration partners, which offers online and limited offline viewing of walkthroughs.

As the interactive 3D virtual walkthroughs need to be viewed via the Matterport technology platform to work, unfortunately they cannot be downloaded or stored offline in their entirety.