Automated Mattertag Creation

Greatly reduce your Matterport post-production time and cost.  

This innovative HomePlan Tag Import service can:

  • Export Mattertags from any Matterport 3D model
  • Replace/update Mattertags within a Matterport 3D model
  • Replicate Mattertags into a second Matterport 3D model
  • Bulk-import new Mattertags into a Matterport 3D model
Available to all Matterport customers worldwide!

How it Works

Mattertags™ are created inside Matterport 3D digital twins (herein called ‘models’) to highlight and describe a feature, show a related image or video, or to provide URL links to external information.  Until now creating Mattertags has been a manual process, making them inefficient and limiting their application.  Until now!

HomePlan NZ is an Enterprise-level Matterport Service Partner with access to Matterport’s SDK and API development interfaces.  These allow us to interrogate and update Matterport 3D models programmatically.  

The process is simple:

  1. Review the video above for more information on our process.
  2. Provide your details, model details and CSV data.
  3. Temporarily transfer the target Matterport 3D space to us, for us to import the Mattertags then transfer the space straight back to you.


Exporting data to CSV costs $20USD.

Importing data costs $0.50USD per tag, $50USD minimum.  

Importing is not fully automated as tags can move and the data often needs some updating to import correctly.

In addition to the pricing above, each transaction incurs a payment transaction fee (Stripe or Paypal).

Payment is due before the final outputs are delivered.

Common Questions

Matterport advises that you can add “endless” Mattertags to your model, but recommends creating less than 100 per model.  We have active models right now with 300+ Mattertags included using the HomePlan Tag Import service.

All data is in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format, containing all the fields associated with a Mattertag including its Label, Description, Color, Media URL, anchor and stem details.

We can provide a sample of the data on request, and a template to use for data that is to be imported.

Exported data can be re-imported using the original XYZ coordinates for that model (please refer the follow up question below).

For new bulk imports, each Mattertag is associated with a Room Label during the import process.  The imported Mattertags are placed in a line starting from the Room Label position.  Once we transfer the model back to you, you can then edit the space to drag and drop each Mattertag to its final position within each room. This final step only takes a few seconds to complete per Mattertag, being less than 5% of the time it takes to manually create Mattertags.

Please check out the video above for a demonstration.

Yes, though it depends.  When transferring Mattertags between duplicate models and retaining their position coordinates, they generally align to their original positions.  When transferring Mattertags to re-scans of the same space, we recommend using the Room Label method explained above.

This is because when Matterport processes a model it creates a XYZ reference grid unique to that model, that is referenced by the Mattertags you have created and we have exported.  Matterport’s math for this grid can change each time a model is processed, causing them to be offset to new positions when imported.  We’ve got an algorithm that corrects this but it takes time and doesn’t always work.

We are happy to do a test run to see what the result will be – this test can be done without transferring the model to us, before you decide to proceed with the service.

Technically – No, but actually – Yes.  You need to evidence that you have the appropriate ownership rights to the data before we will export it.

For security reasons the Matterport API only allows updates to be performed on model we host and have full ‘edit’ rights to.

HomePlan NZ Ltd warrants that your model will not be accessed for any reason aside from providing the tag import service, and the URL will not be distributed or shared with any other party.

Yes.  We recommend standardizing all stem lengths for new Mattertags to make the drag & drop process easier – which means you don’t need to use that annoying Stem Length Slider anymore!

If you are not completely satisfied with the Tag Import service we offer a full refund, minus the Stripe/Paypal transaction fee.  To receive your refund you will need to tell us within three working days of receiving the results, and then temporarily transfer the model back to us so we can remove the imported tags.

We do not provide refunds for data exports once the data has been provided to you.