HomePlan’s 3D Initial Inspection Service: Explained

3D Condition Inspections: A Look Under the Covers Late in 2019 HomePlan NZ launched its 3D Condition Inspection Service for landlords and property management firms.  Since then, working closely with our early adopter property management firms, we’ve made a number of enhancements to this service and thought now was a great time to share a deeper […]

When 2D Photos are as good as a 3D Virtual Tour

It’s a question of engagement… When 2D Photos are as good as a 3D Virtual Tour This article has been written with a focus on real estate sales, but the same principles apply to letting rental properties. With the recent explosion in the popularity of 3D virtual tours/walkthroughs, more and more properties for sale now […]

5 Questions you need to ask when choosing a 3D Virtual Tour provider

Not all 3D Virtual Tours are equal. If you’re new to the world of 3D virtual tours / walkthroughs, it can be difficult to compare the offers being made by the various providers.  Are they all the same service?  Does cheaper mean less quality?  How do I decide? To help, here’s the Top 5 questions […]

It’s not about time. It’s about YOUR time.

Stay safe, work smart. On Tuesday, 28 April 2020 we moved to COVID-Alert Level-3. New Zealand’s containment measures are working, though they come at a massive economic and interpersonal cost.  But the health of our families, our friends and our communities is worth it.   We fully support the NZ Government taking as much time as is […]

Coronavirus COVID-19: Using 3D virtual technology to work remotely

Doing Business in a World Suffering from the Coronavirus Pandemic 12 March 2020 – Lower Hutt, New Zealand The following is based on a conversation with a colleague based in Singapore who reports a massive increase in the use of 3D virtual walkthroughs by companies throughout Asia, as part of their efforts to protect staff […]

HomePlan NZ releases new, enhanced Property Condition Inspection service

A Bright New Feather in HomePlan NZ’s Cap 10 March 2020 – Lower Hutt, New Zealand Back in October 2019 HomePlan NZ Ltd launched its 3D Condition Inspection Service for residential and commercial rental properties. This innovative service combines a comprehensive and high-resolution 3D virtual walkthrough, 2D images of hard to see places (e.g. inside the oven […]

The Top 5 Reasons to NOT get a 3D Virtual Walkthrough

During HomePlan NZ’s journey towards creating a digital copy of the various residential, commercial and heritage properties in New Zealand – we’ve heard every reason why 3D virtual tours/walkthroughs don’t and can’t work.  As there’s a lot of misinformation out there, I thought today I’d tackle and debunk the Top 5 reasons we hear about […]

Buying or Selling your Residential Property – with a HomePlan

Having a HomePlan 3D virtual walk-through of your property when you buy or sell will help you, in more ways than you might think. The immediate benefits of including a 3D ‘virtual tour’ as part of your real estate marketing package are pretty obvious. Each HomePlan is glossy, intuitive, high quality, informative, and overall a […]

Time-Slicing your Commercial Fitout with HomePlan

So – it’s time to move to new commercial premises. You’ve searched Trade Me, talked to the agents and narrowed it down to a few that look to meet your needs and budget. You visit each, take some photos, listen to each agent’s life story and review the scanned/re-scanned/re-re-scanned 2D floor plans that give a vague indication of […]

Old St Paul’s, Wellington – Full Interior/Exterior “HomePlan”​ Scan

Built in 1866, Old St Paul’s is one of the finest examples of timber Gothic Revival architecture in the world. It is now cared for by Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga.   This unique building has stood steadfast for 153 years but sadly it didn’t escape the impact of the Kaikoura earthquake in November 2016. […]