HomePlan NZ uses innovative 3D scanning technology to create a digital copy and virtualize your residential, commercial and heritage buildings and spaces.  This page provides further information on the technology we use to do this, for geeks and building professionals.

What is Building 3D Virtualization?

Building 3D Virtualization is creating a usable and accessible 3D digital copy of your home, property, premises or workplace.  Methods of virtualizing a building or property include:

HomePlan NZ staff
  • 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD):  Using specialist architectural software to capture the design of a building.  This can be further enhanced with artistic renders to give a realistic representation of how the property will look once it’s built.  HomePlan does not offer CAD as a service.
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM): This takes the CAD model as the basis for connecting and consolidating data that enables more efficient planning, designing, construction, and then ongoing facilities management.  HomePlan does not offer BIM as a service.