Terms & Conditions

Getting Underway

This Agreement is between HomePlan NZ Ltd (HomePlan) and the Customer named on the booking request.

HomePlan may use an agent to act for it in any matters relevant to this Agreement.

The Customer confirms that it has authority to give HomePlan access to the Property for the purpose of providing these services.

This Agreement comes into force on HomePlan accepting the booking request from the Customer.

Scan Appointments

The Customer will submit an accurate booking request to HomePlan advising the approximate m? and optional add-ons required for that Property, to enable Home Plan to schedule the scan appointment.

In performing the scan of the Property, HomePlan will take all reasonable care but will not be responsible for any minor damage (e.g. scuff marks) caused by its personnel or equipment during the scan appointment

If during or following the scan appointmentit is determined that the floor area of the Property differs from what was advised, then HomePlan may adjust the Service Fee in accordance with the pricing published on HomePlan’s web site.

Producing the 3D Walkthrough

After the scanning appointment, HomePlan will promptly produce an make available a digital 3D Walkthrough of the property.

HomePlan will use reasonable endeavours to produce the 3D Walkthrough to a high quality, however this is dependent on the state of the property and on HomePlan having reasonable access to all parts of the property in a way that enables HomePlan to accurately scan it.

The 3D Walkthrough will remain available online in accordance with the Hosting provisions explained herein.

Sharing and Ownership Rights

HomePlan is the sole owner of the 3D Walkthrough and all associated data created while providing the service, including but not limited to any copyright or other intellectual property in these.

The Customer may access and use the 3D Walkthrough online for the duration of this Agreement, including sharing access to other parties as it sees fit.

The Customer may also retain, use and freely distribute any of the following during or after the Agreement term:

  1. a) Exported Architectural files, 2D Floor Plans and images of the Property provided to the Customer by HomePlan; and
  2. b) Screenshots and other still images of the Property exported from or taken of the 3D Walkthrough by the Customer.

Home Plan may make the 3D Walkthrough and associated data available to other parties, if:

  1. a) the Customer has agreed in writing that the data may be shared; or
  2. b) at any time after the expiry of the Agreement, where doing so does not encroach on the privacy of the Customer or the property owner (e.g. after the Property has a new owner).

Default and Liability

In the event of late or non-payment by the Customer, Home Plan may suspend service and/or refer all amounts in arrears to an external party for collection, with the Customer liable for all associated legal and debt collection costs.


If HomePlan is not able to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement, then it may cease to provide the service and refund a proportion of the Service Fee based on the remaining time for any prepaid Hosting period; and active walkthroughs may be transferred to another Matterport provider, by negotiation.

HomePlan’s liability to the Customer, if any, is limited to the total Service Fees charged under this Agreement.

Matterport Licensing

HomePlan has a licensing agreement with Matterport, Inc. who process and host all 3D Walkthroughs created by HomePlan under this Agreement.

Home Plan reserves the right to adjust the service or pricing structure of this Agreement, where such adjustment is necessitated by changes in the licensing agreement between Matterport, Inc. and HomePlan.

If this happens HomePlan will give at least one month’s notice of any change.

How to Pay

Payments by the Customer are to be made by bank transfer to HomePlan’s account using the Customer’s name and invoice number as payment references:

Account: 03-0531-0106277-000

Standard payment terms are within seven days.

Repeat Customers may apply for extended payment terms, for no later than the 20 day of the month following


For any questions or comments please contact us:

Home Plan NZ Ltd
Lower Hutt
PO Box 38215, Wellington Mail Centre, Lower Hutt 5012
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.homeplan.nz

Thank you for choosing HomePlan NZ!