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Scott & Lynda | Lower Hutt

Deluxe Package – Full interior and Exterior walkthrough

We purchased the house early in 2018 for our daughters, son-in-law and granddaughter. Built in the 1940s and last renovated in the 1980s it was run down, badly configured and in need of some love.
And just look at it now!

We totally remodelled the property including a massive new deck, sleepout, a bigger bathroom, open plan living, and a new kitchen.  It was a massive undertaking that completely transformed and modernised the place.

Early 2019 as our daughters moved on to their own independent living situations, our need for the property passed and we were looking to find a new owner.

We poured our heart and soul into the renovations.  Not only did we want to fully convey the features and quality of the property to potential new owners, we wanted to retain a digital copy of what we did so we could recollect the specific features we installed.

We elected to do a Deluxe HomePlan including a full interior and basic exterior walk through, with key features tagged and linked to external web sites, as well as a photo slideshow and the virtual reality immersion option.

Did it add value? Absolutely! The real estate agent said it was one of their biggest market responses ever.  More than 20 families attended each open home.  The property now has a new owner, who we hope loves the place as much as we do.

Not only that, we can go back and do a virtual walkthrough anytime we like.  My son loves putting on the VR Headset and going for a virtual walk down memory lane.

We have truly captured the property when it was at its best, for us to be there, when we’re not.