Church Case Study

St Barnabas Anglican Church

Rev Mark Chamberlain | Fendalton, Christchurch

St Barnabas Fendalton is an Anglican Church celebrating God’s amazing love and welcome with a clear vision to follow Jesus and extend God’s love.
Visit St Barnabas right now via the HomePlan below!

The first St Barnabas opened in 1876.  In 1926 the current church was completed and opened following decades of steady population and congregation growth in the area.

Since then St Barnabas has become a positive focal point within the Fendalton community and a well known landmark.

However the church was significantly damaged in the February 2011 Christchurch earthquakes and was out of service for six long years.

The church reopened in February 2017 following $2m of strengthening and earthquake repairs, of which only 50% was covered by insurance.  The rest was raised through fundraising, donations and generous grants.

The result of this work has now been captured in perpetuity in stunning 3D, 4K photographic quality.  Thank you HomePlan!

With work now complete on the church building, the parish is seeking to lift the standard of its Administration Block and Parish Hall.

To assist, HomePlan has captured the existing buildings and provided point cloud scan files to assist the architects and engineers plan the redevelopment.

“HomePlan has helped prospective marriage couples as well as our engineers who are able to work up their plans to strengthen and improve our hall and Admin Building. We were unaware of how useful this technology would be but it has helped us tremendously and will do so in the future as well – so thank you!”

Rev. Mark Chamberlain