The Thistle Inn

Richard Walshe | General Manager | Wellington

The Thistle Inn is New Zealand’s oldest surviving tavern operating from its original site.

When it was first built in 1840, the sea lapped at the beach just below its front door. Destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1866, the tavern has stood in modest splendor for the last 175 years.

Today, protected by a Category One Preservation Order, The Thistle Inn remains popular for a lunchtime break and in the evening resonates with talk, laughter and the clink of glasses.

HomePlan NZ provided a 3D virtual walk through of the bar, dining and conference rooms – even the underfloor cellar!  A unique feature of this HomePlan is showing alternative room configurations – check out the 3D walk through and look for the tags showing you were to ‘stand’.

“HomePlan recently put together a 3D walk through of our venue, the final product is amazing. They provided great service and were efficient in the scanning process, not intruding on our customers or getting in the way. A great concept seemingly pulled off with ease.”

Scott Benton, Bar and Restaurant Manager