Pay-Per-View your 3D Virtual Tour!

We are now accepting sign-ups from Matterport customers worldwide to
enable PPV on their 3D Virtual Tours.

Exhibitions and venues can Go Virtual to minimise the financial impact from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.  Our service allows them to generate income or charitable fundraising from any existing Matterport 3D Virtual Tour or Walkthrough.

This Pay-Per-View service is now available!

Virtual is the New Normal

Social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future.  So open your doors to a new world of paying, virtual visitors.

Enabling Pay-Per-View allows exhibitions, galleries, museums, historic places and tourist destinations to provide a paid 3D virtual experience online, as a supplement to or replacement for visitors attending in person.  This generates income for the tour “host” which might be used to cover costs, provide a return on investment, and/or to support charitable fundraising causes.

How it Works

Why not just give it a go?

Enabling Pay-Per-View on any Matterport or MP/embed 3D Virtual Tour is simple:

  1. You provide us with the 3D Virtual Tour details, URL, visit duration and entry fee (currently $USD) you’d like to charge.
  2. You create a ‘Take 3D Tour‘ button on the Host’s web site, directing visitors to a dedicated access page that we create.
  3. We manage the entire payment process, allowing visitors to purchase and receive their ticket.
  4. Visitors receive a one-use access code that once activated, grants access to the 3D Virtual Tour for the limited duration.
  5. The visitor can then explore your 3D Virtual Tour experience until the time limit expires.

There are no upfront setup costs to activate the service.

Note we will shortly be releasing support of multiple currencies and the purchase of multiple tickets.

Enhance the Virtual Experience

Visitors paying to access a 3D Virtual Tour will rightfully have higher expectations than free-to-air access.  Here’s some tips to enhance their virtual experience and increase the value visitors will derive when virtually-visiting.

These improvements can be applied by any Matterport service partner or customer, but if you’d like us to help please contact us below – we are happy to provide a quote as part of getting your PPV 3D Virtual Tour online.

Remove distractions and focus on the visitor’s needs.
Turn off unnecessary scan positions, decide if zoom should be enabled/disabled, and create a logical walk path for visitors to follow.

Utilise Matterport labels, Mattertags, videos, images and highlight reels.
These features can enrich the content and increase the time a visitor will spend discovering, exploring, experiencing and enjoying.

Ensure it’s visible.
Visitors can quickly get frustrated if they cannot read explanatory text or placards within the experience.  If it’s not clear in the 3D imagery, use Mattertag text or high-quality photos of the placards so it can be opened, expanded and easily read.

Go to the next level with MP/embed.
This awesome tool lets you add background music, position-activated narration and many other valued features.  We think it’s a must!

Promote, promote, promote.
It’s up to the host to promote the PPV 3D Virtual Tour on their web site, on social media platforms through paid advertising.  Invest the time to understand the target audience, what they are looking for and how best to encourage them to visit.  The more interest you can generate, the more virtual visitors, the greater the return.

Our service currently supports 3D Virtual Tours provided by Matterport, including MP/embed, but has been designed allow other Matterport SDK and non-Matterport 3D Virtual Tours to be added in future – please contact us if you’ve got a specific requirement.

How Much Should I Charge?

The 3D Virtual Tour’s entry fee is completely up to the Host.  It’s about knowing the potential audience and what visitors would be happy to pay in return for the virtual experience the host is offering.  All tickets are currently charged in $USD, with support for other currencies being released very shortly.

As the entry fee is a payment from the end customer to HomePlan NZ Ltd we calculate, add and incur sales tax on the transaction when appropriate for our international tax obligations.  The subsequent payment through to the Host is inclusive of any sales or other tax the Host may incur on the proceeds.  The Host is responsible for managing their own tax obligations relating to their revenue, which we pay into their nominated Stripe account, minus our transaction fee as outlined below.

Service Pricing

PPV Standard

$ 1
49 + 5%
Transaction fee per visitor (USD)
  • FREE setup
  • No tickets sold = no fees incurred
  • Monthly payout into your Stripe account
  • Covers Stripe transaction fees (*)

PPV Premium

$ 2
49 + 5%
Transaction fee per visitor (USD)
  • All the benefits of Standard, plus...
  • + FREE hosting of your 3D Tour
  • Weekly payout into your Stripe account
  • + Add your logo within the PPV Viewer

For Example: For a 3D Virtual Tour with a $9.99 entry fee (plus sales tax, if applicable), we deduct a transaction fee of $1.49+5% (=$1.99, assuming basic service) and the Host receives the net fee of $8.00 (inclusive of any sales tax the Host may incur).  The $9.99 is collected from each paying visitor, and net proceeds paid out to the Host’s nominated Stripe account on the preset payment cycle.

Our fee covers Stripe transaction, currency conversion and payout fees.  For more information please refer to our Terms & Conditions.